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Food tour in Paris 2: from Little Pigalle to Les Halles

Discover the culinary delights of Paris with this self-guided food tour, starting in the vibrant 9th arrondissement, moving through the bustling streets of Montorgueil, and finishing at the historic site of Les Halles (formerly known as “Paris’ Belly” when it was a professional trading place for all food and grocery in France, until 70’s when it was moved to Rungis, outside Paris, to avoid huge traffic jams inside Paris).

Food Tour in Paris 2

Breakfast first!

Begin your morning with Le Pain Quotidien, a delightful breakfast at this cozy bakery known for its rustic atmosphere and high-quality ingredients.. Enjoy a selection of freshly baked bread, pastries, and organic coffee (24 Rue de Châteaudun).

Then follow Rue Montmartre and its many shops to reach Boulevard Poissonnière.

Covered passages

Stroll through the historic covered passages for a unique shopping and culinary experience.
Wander through Passage Jouffroy a 19th-century arcade filled with quaint shops and cafés (10-12 Boulevard Montmartre).

Head to the lively Montorgueil area for a delicious lunch.

Lunch in Montorgueil

So many good places there… But here are my 3 favourites:

  • L’Escargot Montorgueil: enjoy a very classic French lunch with specialties like escargots, coq au vin, and crème brûlée (38 Rue Montorgueil)
  • Le presque bout du monde: original bistronomy resturant with lots of tasty original dishes (18 Rue Léopold Bellan)
  • Café Compagnon: another bistronomy place with a good compromise between classic and original dishes (22-26 Rue Léopold Bellan)

Skip the dessert and explore the gourmet shops and pâtisseries of rue Montorgueil.

Visit Stohrer, the oldest patisserie in Paris, founded in 1730, and try their famous baba au rhum (51 Rue Montorgueil). They’re famous for their éclairs but I’m not convinced (not enough cream). Their baba is really good, though.

The best place if you love cooking

Go down and take rue Tiquetonne on the right, pay a visit to G.Detou (58 Rue Tiquetonne), a must-see place for buying flavours, vanilla, chocolate, dried fruits, nuts, saffron… All high quality at very reasonable price. Just for fun : the first owner was Gérard Detou and he decided to call his shop G.Detou because it means (I have everything).

Just after, you’re right in the middle of the area where you have the best choice of cooking tools in Paris. You have several different shops. Pay a visit to Simon, TOC or Mora in rue Montmartre… If you love cooking, I bet you’ll want to buy many things!!!

Time for an apéritif!

In rue Montmartre, you’ll find nice cafés where to sit and have a nice apéritif while enjoying the lively ambiance. For example Le Café Noir (65 rue Montmartre) or Le Tambour (41 rue Montmartre).

Dinner at Les Halles

End your day with a delightful dinner in the historic Les Halles area.

You have many choices. A very classical one is Au Pied de Cochon, featuring a very iconic French meal at this restaurant that has been serving traditional dishes since 1947. Try their famous onion soup or pork dishes (6 Rue Coquillière).

Another option is Baltard Les Halles with its beautiful terrace. A nice bistronomy restaurant with colorful plates (9 Rue Coquillière).

  1. Hope you enjoy this tour and the ambiance!

s, right next to the Quartier Latin. Look for “Glaces Berthillon” sign and taste the best ice creams in the world (from my point of view). Berthillon has been existing for decades and is known throughout France for its high quality and wonderfully tasty ice creams. Pistachio, rapsberry, pear, extra-bitter chocolate or salted butter caramel are wonderful (but as usual, it’s a matter of tastes).

Of course, you’ll find plenty of other options on the way.

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