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I’m Christophe, a true Parisian, born there in 1970. I love Paris and lived there all my life (I live in Montparnasse area now), but I also travelled a lot (in more than 50 countries), so I made friends with people all around the world. That’s why I understand the foreigner’s point of view.

I’m married with a daughter, so I know about difficulties of traveling with kids.

I built this site using my own knowledge of Paris for walks (as a kid, my father used to take me to different parts of Paris every Sunday for a movie and a walk afterwards), same for restaurants (I work a lot with food companies and medias so I know about good restaurants). My wife Caroline gives me frequent insights about shopping and practical issues in Paris. For shopping and hotels, I rely on my foreign friends who share their findings and opinions with me. So I try to keep the content up to date. If you see something that’s not true anymore, please tell me so I can change the info.

I hope you enjoy this site! If you found useful info there, don’t hesitate to use the links on the hotel page which will grand us a small commission. And feel free to ask any question through

Enjoy your visit and enjoy your stay in Paris!

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