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Best restaurants near Grands Boulevards

When looking for best restaurants in Paris, Grands Boulevards is an area of great interest for all its bistronomy restaurants as well as many exotic ones.
Here’s my pick of great value-for-money (and taste) restaurants…

Before picking a restaurant, I suggest reading my page about hints and tips about restaurants in Paris.

Bistronomy restaurants near Grands Boulevards:

Le Richer (2 Rue Richer): a very creative restaurant where you’ll always be surprised (positively) by the flavours and textures. Their wines are great (ask the waiter for advice, often the boss Charles will come and tell you) and their coffee is so good that people come to buy coffee packs here. Just arrive early since they don’t take reservations. You’ll get a (very) good meal there for 25-30€.

L’Office (3 Rue Richer): one of my favourites. Creative, pleasant, great wines available, friendly atmosphere. My suggestion is to pick starter + main dish (desserts are sometimes a bit complicated, but good anyway).Prices for completedinner with wine from 30 et 50€ per person.

Circonstances (174 rue Montmartre): great place with wonderful dishes. A perfect mis between French tradition and creativity. For dinner, they provide small plates to share, so that you an taste many things. Price per person from 25 to 60 € with wine.

Bien élevé (47 rue Richer): THE place for meat lovers. Delicious meats served with creativity and taste. Wheile more and more restaurants focus on vegetal dishes, that’s a perfect place for those who love to indulge in a good dish of meat from times to times. Wines are good too. 20 to 30€ with wine for lunch (2-course meal), 40 to 60€ for dinner (3-course meal).

Chocho (54 Rue de Paradis): a very original restaurant for those looking for great food with an attitude. Go for the menu medley to get a hint of many things. I love their braised leek and pumpkin gnocchi. From 50 to 100€ with wine. But the experience is worth it.

Classic French restaurants near Grands Boulevards:

Bouillon Chartier Grands Boulevards (7 rue du Faubourg Montmartre): the essence of the parisian brasserie (brasserie means brewery in French, but it’s more globally a classical French restaurant and bar). The place in itself is worth eating there. As for the food, it’s very simple and classical French dishes at a very reasonable price (20€ for a whole meal). Come early since it’s packed at meals hours and you may have to queue. A bit noisy but the place is worth it. Open all day long from 11.30 am to midnight.

Bistrot Rougemont (10 rue Rougemont): a perfect example of a small French restaurant with classic dishes made with fresh products in a good atmosphere. You can eat from 20 to 40€ per person with wine. Kids menu available. A good pick if you’re with kids or if you want classic dishes with good value for money.